Chelsea Scott Photo

Capturing the feeling and being able to look back on memories after freezing the moment is a treasure worth trying for. It is normal to find the process of having your photo taken a little unbearable. It is rare for people to say "I love having my picture taken".

Scott is from Lord Howe Island and Chelsea is from Vancouver Island, we are an island based couple sharing our passion for photography since 2012. We welcome all occasions. 

Portrait sessions can be done anytime but we love to encourage photoshoots to happen as early or as late as possible. Dreamy sunrise light is the first hour after sunrise and the great sunset glow is an hour before sunset.  Location for shoots can be decided during the week before the shoot - it is best to be flexible and blow with the wind. Wear clothing that resembles your personal style, you are welcome to bring a few options in a beach bag or pack the sunhat for styling. It is most important you feel like yourself, comfortable and prepared. 

Send Chelsea an email, and any questions can be answered. We hope to be  smiling on the beach with you soon.

Warm regards from LHI

Chelsea & Scott 

x x x

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